My World Without Color


I love color. I really love color. The colors that the natural world brings to our lives. But for some odd reason, the concept of capturing the world in black and white has suddenly appeared.

Perhaps it’s because of an addition of a new iPhone app to my phone that is to blame. Filmborn is an iOS app that offers nine film types and is a capture and editing app.

One of the film types is called “Ilford” and there are three types of film. Pan-F, HP5, and D3200. It also allows me to go from the wide angle focal length of 29mm to a standard 50mm lens. Even more, you can change the aspect ratio as well. Take the image and you’re not done. Adding a curves option or exposure sliders you can fine tune the exposure and contrast of the image.


I’m having so much fun with this new app that I’ve decided that I needed a place to showcase the black and white images that I’m beginning to capture. Follow Emilys BW World on Instagram and you can begin experiencing the world without color with me.

Because of this app, I’m starting to see the world in a different way. I’m a photographer that loves life and all aspects of life. From wildlife to pets, flowers to gardens. Then add the historic, the old, the rustic, the structure of cars and trains. They are all connected in some fashion.


My recent visit to the National Colonial Farm was on a bright and sunny day. Even though it was mid-morning, the light was still not overly harsh. The strong structures and old wooden buildings caused me to think more in Black and White. Strong lines, dark and bright contrasted scenes. Perfect for a world without color.


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  1. I love black and white too, Emily, but I really like these pictures. It’s amazing that they are taken with an iphone. I’ll check out that app. Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. Beautiful photos. I’m no artist or photographer, but found myself thinking black and white images help us to see detail and nuance…maybe? Like taking a step back from distraction and seeing something closer to the truth…xx

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