Northern Shovelers

There is a little unknown place right in the middle of the nation’s capital. Constitution Gardens in Washington D.C. is an oasis near Lincoln’s memorial that provides a natural respite for wildlife.

This little lake is home during the winter months for several migrating duck species. Northern Shovelers, Gadwalls, and Ring Necked Ducks have been seen in this pond. When there are several days of freezing temperatures, much of the lake ices over and the ducks have limited areas of where to forage. Luckily, this means that they are close to the shoreline and very accustomed to visitors on land.


It is a nice sized group and first, being able to find Northern Shovelers in our area is a challenge. And if you do, they are rather shy. Add the bonus that this group is so used to people, beautiful images can be found in the big metropolis.

The adult males are similar to male Mallard ducks. But make no mistake…check out that beak!

If you’re looking for nature in the city, look no further than the pond at Constitution Gardens.

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  1. Lovely images, Emily. Nature is indeed all around us. Peter loved your calendar and we opened it today: Gorgeous birds beautifully captured. Thank you and happy New Year to you and yours. 💖

  2. Happy Happy New Year! This is our 6th year of celebrating New Year’s Day together. Thank you for your friendship and mentorship!! Hugs and love coming your way…

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! There are so many tucked away, little known spots of beauty all over our great city, thanks for telling us about a good one.

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