The Digital Art Room


Being able to capture some of Mother Nature’s amazing creatures is only one part of finding beauty within oneself.

As more and more photographers emerge in the nature and wildlife field, stunning images of birds and wildlife are overwhelming the internet. Easy access to high quality equipment, and location information shared with photographers add even more to the abundance of wildlife everywhere you look.

So how do you differentiate your work from others? Begin the exploration and discover the artist within you. There are some notable and incredible art photographers out there than can inspire you to take your images a step further than the “Bird on a Stick” picture.


I’ve been slowly entering this Digital Art Room world, first overcoming my intimidation of Photoshop and its complexity. And I’ve learned that creating these types of images are rather simple and take less than ten minutes to bring them to life.

Utilizing textures, and an additional software program “Topaz Impressions” I am now creating true digital works of art.

In fact, being creative both in-field and at home with a computer, it has inspired me to create and offer a “Digital Art Room” photography workshop in February. Being offered in mid-February, this class will introduce you to a variety of in-field techniques, including Smart phone apps for your cell phone. We’ll then continue to creative applications of software to your images to create an artistic rendition.

If you’re interested in participating, please send me a private message at for more details.


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  1. The artist within YOU has always inspired me, Emily. Keep exploring, keep creating from that space within, I support and celebrate your artistry and your perception that make you, YOU. Rock on, Sister, Rock on! xoxoxo ❀

  2. Simply stunning – your work is truly inspiring – I have my fingers and toes crossed 2017 is going to be the year of my FINALLY mastering Photoshop (I hope)!

      • Cheers Emily – if only there was an emoji with its tongue in its cheek, mastering for me means not running from the computer in tears having only managed 100 layers of what appears to be of the same thing, NOTHING… having achieved… NOTHING! PhotoShop is one of the few things that can reduce me to a trantrum-throwing-wailing-five-year-old but I will NOT be beaten… I hope!πŸ€”

        • I have always felt the same about photoshop, and still favor Lightroom, but I am gradually learning bit-by-bit from Ben Willmore and his Adobe Photoshop class on Creative Live and his Masters Academy. I highly recommend anything Ben teaches. He is very good at taming the tantrums.

        • Cheers Carolyn, I’ll be sure to check out Ben Willmore classes. Once I’ve dedicated some time to actually “learning” PS it should all be good. Sadly I’ve allowed the thought of PS to take on a life of its own.😜

  3. I fully agree with you, Emily…and I am walking the same path. I love to be able to transform my images to something more artistic than “a bird on a stick”, but for some reason I have tried to remain as close to the original as possible for the images on my blog and have showed my ‘art’ in other places. Maybe more courage is needed πŸ™‚

  4. BTW This post is amazing, and I almost missed it! Your workshop sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to do it sometime, although right now I am working up my courage to rejuvenate bring my Smugmug site.

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