Tundra Swans on the Magothy River


While many songbirds are gone with winter arrives, along with the arctic blast is the arrival of ducks and swans. There is a flock of Tundra Swans that return every year for their seasonal home on the Magothy River. In the summertime, Tundra Swans go to the Arctic tundra on the top of North America.

Tucked in the flock is a solitary Trumpeter Swan. If one listens closely, you can hear his baritone call among all of the tenors.


As with other wildlife, there are times they just decide to randomly attack each other. One trying to show dominance over another.

They are graceful creatures, but don’t let their delicate appearance fool you. They are strong birds with wingspans up to five feet. They can hit their opponent with such strong force you can hear the slap.

It’ll be a wonderful winter to be able to enjoy these beautiful birds.


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  1. Stunning photographs and lovely to see the white swans, as our Australian swans are black- also beautiful birds and their black plumage contrasts so well with their frilly white petticoats and bright red beaks! As a new reader, I look forward to enjoying your blog in 2017! All the very best for Christmas and New Year! x

    • For us, black swans are domesticated and don’t roam wild in the United States. We have three white swans, the Trumpeter, the Tundra and the Mute which is considered invasive.

      Welcome and a pleasure to meet you.

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