A Little Bat


I’ve seen them fly overhead at dusk, zipping around catching bugs for dinner. But I’ve never been able to see a bat close up.

There have been some close encounters of bats in Costa Rica at Selva Verde Lodge where there are several species that fly in and out of the buildings.

The first time was when Selva Verde was in its infancy 30 years ago and the sinks to wash up in were in an outdoor communal area. In the evening, I was there alone brushing my teeth and the bats began to dive bomb me. I went running out of there fast as I could, but the memory lasted a lifetime.

The second time was on my more recent visit last November when Giovanna Holbrook – the creator and owner of Selva Verde Lodge and I were standing near a support post in the lower dining area. As a vibrant lady in her golden years, her lush white hair was in the direct flight path for a bat going into his hole near the roof. Swooping through several times, Giovanna didn’t even flinch. In fact, she hadn’t even noticed. It was pretty funny actually.

Today at the horse barn, I was in a paddock I’m never in and happened to notice some movement in the grass. Walking over I saw it was a bat. Flying into action I ran to my car and grabbed my 100mm macro lens and iPhone. Returning, I saw that he had moved. I tried to take a few pictures of him on the ground but it was tough going. Using a stick, I got him to grab onto it with his hind feet and I gently placed him on the fencing. A few pictures..click…click…click and I left him to his own devices.

I returned a couple of hours later only to find he had disappeared. At least I did get to have a brief bat encounter.


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