Flight Testing

In a week’s time, the Three Musketeers have grown in leaps and bounds. From having wings with feathers barely formed, their feathers are beginning to look like they are ready for flight.


It was busy on the nest tonight. With Zorro coming in with a big catfish, dinnertime, flight practice and Esperanza making three runs for nesting material, the family is maturing nicely.

They have been so fun to watch, from the beginning in March with the Zorro’s return, to waiting with Esperanza for the arrival of her little ones. They may indeed fledge within the week but will remain in the area returning for mealtimes. Or so the theory goes. So in the meantime, enjoy dinner delivery from Zorro’s Sushi Restaurant.

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  1. I think they were singing:
    Dad is awesome
    Daddy is great
    He brings us catfish
    To eat!
    Lovely photos! Thanks for the update, the family looks great.

  2. Just LOVE this post, Emily! It reminded me of Sandy’s three chicks last year. I am so happy to see how well their family is doing after so many challenges last year. It was also great to hear the ‘fish song’ again, it is quiet at the salt marsh now that our chick has left the area.

  3. Is this cool or what Emily? I’ve missed your prior posts, but do love what I’ve just seen. We had one family of doves and one of cardinals – each producing offspring and are all happily enjoying the freedom of the nest.

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