Horses on the Beach


This week I had a short, but long driving trip to St. Augustine Beach, Florida. One of my favorite cities in the world, ranking with Paris and Rio de Janeiro, the powder soft sand and the historical district has so much charm and beauty.

While it was mostly a business trip, I managed to sneak in a day with two photography workshops tied in with the fantastic Florida’s Birding and Photo Fest. The Bird & Photo fest offers five glorious days filled with photography workshops, exhibits and lectures with renowned photographers in the nature and wildlife arena.

The first workshop was at sunrise on the beach. This was a special workshop offered by Maxis Gamez of GVisions whose work I’ve been following the past year. A gifted photographer that has such great passion for what he does. A Florida resident, he offers specialized birding photography workshops that are certainly worth consideration.


There were four Western horse and riders, that passed us in all three gaits, then posed with the sunrise behind them. Perfect conditions for silhouettes. We then turned around and laid on the sand to capture the glorious golden light on horse and rider.


The most exciting thing for me was one of the riders had expertly trained her horse to rear on command. Knowing how hard this is, and seeing her amazing ability to stay on with ease, took my breath away.


It was an incredible experience and certainly one of the best photo shoots I’ve done to date. I’ve got to give a huge thanks to Maxis for offering such an amazing and creative workshop and his expertise that he shared with ease. If you ever get a chance to meet him and work with him you’ll walk away more educated and energized for your photography endeavors.

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  1. Nice set Em. I know I should like the beautiful light in the sunset shots, but it’s the action shot of the horse and rider galloping through the sand that really catches the eye. Great capture.

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