At the Tide Pool


It was dawn and the sun was slowly rising behind me warming the cool, damp sand below me. It was low tide along the Matanzas Inlet and there were several tide pools left behind

The light was glowing at first, casting its golden sheen upon the water. Minnows had been caught in the tide pool providing easy fishing for a variety of shore birds. The funniest to watch was this Snowy (Little) Egret that danced along the water, rushing back and forth in his excitement for the tiny minnows.


There was a shy Black Bellied Plover that wanted to explore the whole pool, but kept his eye on me. As I was laying flat on the ground it was about a half an hour before he became accustomed to me and began to wade in the tide pool. I watched his shadow fall behind him as a constant companion.



It didn’t take long for a Willet to join them, a bit braver he stood tall above the smaller shorebirds.


Time at the tide pool seemed to stand still. Quiet and still, I blended into the landscape while the birds went about their fishing. Feet splashing and birds squawking the busy world around us hushed for a moment of peace.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images! I’m always so glad to see your work and the support you have! (I’ve been told “everyone takes photos of birds!” Well of course we do! They’re gorgeous creatures!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • You are so very kind Karine, and thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I agree, love birds and so amazed about how many different ones there are. Thank you again and have a lovely day.

  2. This is the best photo ever of little egret! It’s absolutely amazing! How did you manage? Wow! I just love that pic! I am a big fan of little egret. I would give you billion likes for that pic. All the best and I’ll definitely follow your blog. Nataly

    • You are truly too sweet Nataly. Believe me..lots of practice and crawling on the ground and waiting about 45 minutes got that shot. He was the one that put on the show. Great meeting you and looking forward to seeing you back again soon.

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