The Flamingos at Lake Manyara

During our African Safari with Easy Travel Tours of Arusha I mentioned to our driver/guide Endeni that one of the things I was hoping to see was the many flamingos that I knew where somewhere in Northern Tanzania.


We were at Lake Manyara National Park and I could see far across the lake a possible sheen of pink. Thinking it was my imagination and mid-day haze I left my wishes behind and enjoyed the scenery in front of me.

The camp we were to stay at for the next two nights was on the other side of the lake at the Manyara Ranch Conservancy. A privately managed land with 35,000 acres maintained for conservation and preservation. This unique property is special in its exclusivity and flexibility for safari visitors.

As with all Tanzanian safari camps, a local Masai warrior was on staff to chaperone us in the evenings from our tent to the dining tent for safety. It was quiet at the camp as it was off-season and the Ranch allowed the Masai guide to go with us the next day with our jeep and driver to allow us to explore their lands.

Unknown to me, our guide had spoken with the Masai about my desire to see flamingoes. About mid-morning after our initial safari, Joking between them, they said they “had a surprise for me.” We began a long off-road, bushwacking, jarring ride through the bush and Masai territory.


After about an hour we reached the edge of Lake Manyara and as far as the eye could see the edge was all pink ! So pink that I could only realize that all that pink was FLAMINGOS ! Could I believe my eyes, is the spectacular scene that I’ve only dreamed about was unfolding in front of me?


From all of the way to the left to all of the way to the right, seemingly at least a mile or two and deep into the shallow waters of the lake were Flamingos.

As we were on Masai Territory and I believe on the Ranch Conservancy land, we were allowed to get out of the jeep and get a closer look of this majesty.

While enjoying them, they gloriously flushed from far within the flock and seeing pink fill the air then resettle was truly spectacular.

How did this incredible, once in a lifetime experience come to be? Well, our kind Masai guide had called all of his Masai friends to find out exactly where the flamingos were along the lake. Being a member of the community, we were allowed to travel through the Masai territory. Land where no tourists are seen and as local and off grid as anyone could possibly be.

With such gratitude to these two kind and generous Tanzanian gentleman in making my dreams come true. Pink rules !!

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  1. How incredibly awesome to be treated to this expanse of flamingos, Emily. Thanks for sharing these photos and your adventure. I have also enjoyed large flocks of flamingos in Africa, and it is something we never forget — I enjoyed the reminder.

  2. The colour of the photos look vibrant, and the images very sharp. You must have nice cameras! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. 🙂 Which month did you visit Lake Manyara? Was it April?

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