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The Story Behind the Picture

As a nature and wildlife photographer, and truly any photographer that wants to progress in their profession, Marketing and Promotion is an essential part of the equation. When speaking with several professional photographers that have been around a while, they spend a majority of their time Marketing and […]

Flamingos in Bolivia

Tall and elegant but yet gawky are the Pink flamingos, and finding them living at altitudes above 12,000 feet is something that you would least expect. In my travels, I’ve had the great fortune to enjoy them at Lake Manyara in Tanzania, and on the Galapagos Islands but […]

The Flamingos at Lake Manyara

During our African Safari with Easy Travel Tours of Arusha I mentioned to our driver/guide Endeni that one of the things I was hoping to see was the many flamingos that I knew where somewhere in Northern Tanzania. We were at Lake Manyara National Park and I could […]