And the Safari Begins

We arrived at Kilimanjaro airport in the evening. Stepping out onto the ramp stairs a hot Calima wind hit us. Greeting us to Tanzania, the wind quickly brushed away the Maryland winter we had left behind.

It was the start of a week-long African safari in Northern Tanzania. The Great Migration was in the southeastern corridor of the Serengeti and being early spring, the rainy season was just around the corner.

Knowing that the long trip over the Atlantic, then the Mediterranean and Sahara desert, a two night stay in Arusha would prepare us for long game drive days.

We arrived to the African Tulip Hotel a quiet enclave in the busy city, and settled in for the night. With the rising sun the birds began to sang and it wasn’t long before I ran out into the hotel gardens in search of some feathered friends.

One of the first Tanzania birds to greet me was one of the more charming ones I would come across that week. Speckled Mousebirds were foraging high in the bouganvilla.


Quickly seeing a staircase I was able to get to their eye level high up the bush and watch the birds go about their early morning.


Watching them for a while a bright yellow bird also caught my attention. Within the bamboo hung nest baskets that these birds were flying in and out of. Truly unique nests that hung in clusters on a wide variety of trees that we saw throughout the week, these round nests helped to identify what type of weavers they were as many are similar.


Finally catching a good view of one, this Baglafecht Weaver was one of hundreds we’d see on our journey.


We had chosen an Arusha based travel agency to assist us with our private African Safari. Easy Travel Tours in Arusha are rated number one on TripAdvisor and is well deserved. Well informed, with quick and patient responses, Easy Travel delivered a flawless holiday in a country otherwise challenging.

Before heading out on our first game drive in Arusha National Park, we met with Mussadiq, the company manager to review our itinerary and discuss any preferences or advice we would need for the week. Then off we went our assigned driver, Endeni, who was to be our steadfast companion for a week out in the bush.

So join us for a week’s safari in Tanzania. First up is the lesser visited Arusha National Park, a short drive from Arusha.


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  1. OMG, Emily. You must be in paradise to see the beautiful birds. These birds are so adorable. Looking forward to see more what you will find. In the meantime, don’t get bushwack! Travel safe and enjoy. Perps

  2. Great pictures of the birds: looking forward to more. Re Arusha: isn’t that where John Wayne’s “Hatari” was shot?
    Have a great time,

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