That’s a Lot of Geese


The bird migration on the Atlantic flyway is beginning in earnest. Earlier than usual due to the milder winter tens of thousands of snow geese have landed at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County, Stevens Pennsylvania.

Visiting last Friday driving just up the road from the wise old owl and her squirrel friend, we arrived at the lake to see that the entire flock had come in early from foraging in the nearby fields.


There were bits of the lake still frozen and while one patch was attached to land, the next strip was floating ice and the geese were having fun ice skating.

If you wait long enough surely the flock will flush up in its entirety. The clues begin with them popping their heads up, looking left and right. Their honks get louder, sounding off that it was time for a bit of wing stretching.

They flush in a wave from back to front and the thunder of their wings gets louder and louder. A truly awe inspiring experience that takes your breath away.

In one flush, they flew right overhead and were flying so fast all I could do was drop the camera and just stare in awe.

This week it appears that the population is peaking with over 65,000 snow geese reported and several thousand Tundra Swans.

If you’re in the area, this is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle worth seeing.


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  1. Wow! That is amazing. I can’t imagine that many geese in one place. Lancaster County is next door to the county where I grew up, but unfortunately I never saw a spectacle like this when I was in that part of Pennsylvania.

  2. We get the snow geese near us in the winter, along with tundra and trumpeter swans in the same area. It is awe-inspiring to see them fly. We can usually predict the lift-off when we see the lurking eagles take flight first.

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