The Neighbor Upstairs

The Neighbor Upstairs

There’s a wise Great Horned Owl that has been returning to the same old tree in a Pennsylvania small town.

It’s like going to New York for an extended visit as this old tree is in the middle of town and now many people know of the Owl in the tree.

For at least the past two seasons, this owl has had an unlikely companion. A Eastern Gray squirrel has her nest just above the Owl’s nest. Being early spring, it was time to freshen the nest for the new season.

Up and down the tree the squirrel went. Returning with a mouthful of leaves she’d rush past the owl to tuck inside the tree. The owl would give her the sly eye thinking “You know..I eat squirrels for dinner.”

Companions in raising their young, a squirrel and an owl.

Great Horned Owlets

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  1. How absolutely gorgeous and wonderful for you to capture them. They both blend into their environment so effortlessly. Companions of nature. I just love it.

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