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Gallery of Gratitude for 2015


Earlier this week, I was reminded of a post I had posted back in November, 2012 by a dear WordPress friend and wonderful blogger Rebecca of Clanmother.

This post was a “Gallery of Gratitude” that expressed my appreciation of those near and dear to my heart. This idea was inspired by the first photo coach that I worked with and had a deep influence in who I am as a photographer today. Lynford Morton of Phototour DC offers Photo Coaching and photo walkabouts in Washington D.C. He is someone that is continuously reinventing himself, finding creative ways to keep photography learning fresh and accessible to many people. From offering local meetup outings, to regular webinairs that anyone can join around the world.

The idea that Lynford Morton presented is that we should all create a “Gallery of Gratitude” showing photos of people, things or places that we are thankful for.

On Lynford’s PhotocoachPro blog, he eloquently proposes the idea of the Gallery of Gratitude as a Modern Day Thanksgiving. Borrowing the idea from Seth Godin, Lynford expands the idea for a photo gallery.

“This is a time that we can visually share with others those people that have had a positive influence on our lives. Encouraging us to be a better person and supporting us through challenging times. It is these people, and yes, places and things that we can be truly grateful for. Our busy lives cause us to go as fast as possible, buzzing from one thing to the next. But life has no true meaning if you don’t slow down and think about what is truly important.”

HERE’S THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU – Create a Gallery of Gratitude and post it on your blogs. Use the category Gratitude so that our stories can be shared. Link back to this post so that I can share it as well.

For myself, there are so many that I am thankful for, but the most important is my dear and loving husband who tolerates my constant photo field trips in the wee hours of the morning so that I can bring birds to your home. His constant support in so many ways is unwavering, and for this, I am eternally grateful.

Along with my darling dearest, I am fortunate to have a special, and hardworking person that takes care of the little details in life to help keep my life worry free. It is because of these two that I’m able to be free to explore whenever possible.


I will be continuing this pictorial “Gallery of Gratitude” on MY FACEBOOK PAGE in the next few days, so click over and join me in sharing the special treasures in our lives.

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  1. What a fabulous idea. Oh, and I’ve just visited your FB page so if you wondering who this stranger is wanting to be friends, it’s just me, lol! 🙂

  2. The Gallery of Gratitude will be my New Years Project. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. You started me out on an extraordinary journey, one that has no end in sight. I am looking forward to sharing the adventures that are waiting for us in 2016. We may be on opposite sides of the continent but we are walking the same pathway. Many hugs. All the very very best of Christmas to you and yours. We have so much for which to be grateful. ❤

    • The older I get, the more reflective I become. Life is so short and each moment needs to be treasured. Those that have influenced us need to be remembered. You are right, there is much for us to be grateful for.
      You’ve “really come a long way baby” and I am so proud of you. Keep exploring and discovering!

      • I just got a new camera – never thought that I would be brave enough. It is an EOS Rebel T6i. I’m now saving up my pennies for the next one. You were the first to invite me to share the photography journey. I will be forever grateful. Hugs.

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