Brown Pelicans


An odd looking bird that seems to part of the natural landscape along the seashore is the Brown Pelican. Living along the eastern and western coasts of America, they are seen from southern California to Ecuador, and Maryland to Venezuela.

A large stocky bird with a stretchy scoop for a lower bill is a hardy fisherman and soars low along the surf with his friends in search of schools of fish. Plunging deep into the water like a knife, they capture the fish and gulp it down that big throat.


Sometimes they can be found hanging around in the oddest places. Like a delicate looking tree that somehow manages to hold a number of these heavy birds.


Or waiting patiently at the Fish Market in Puerto Ayora in the Galapagos Islands for a handout.

The Fish Market

Wherever they are found, their unique look will certainly mesmerize you.


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