Central American Agouti


As a wildlife photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to spend time watching a subject relaxed and going on with their daily lives as if you’re not present.

While staying at Selva Verde Lodge in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica my friend and I crossed the road to visit the gardens in search of birds. While the birds were strangely quiet, something adorable, warm and fuzzy caught my eye along the grass.

It was a Central American Agouti. Not often seen this small mammal, that resembles a large guinea pig mixed with a rabbit, was hopping along the garden. Of course I had to go after him in hopes of getting closer for a capture. Dodging me, in short order he realized I wasn’t someone he needed to worry about and went back to his daily foraging. Sitting close to the ground, I was able to watch him enjoy a nut he had found.

In Costa Rica, the agoutis are spotted mainly at the Santa Rosa National Park, La Selva, Corcovado National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Children’s Eternal Rainforest. They may also be found in San Vito. In the forests of Nicaragua’s and Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast, Agoutis are the most commonly found large rodents.


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  1. That’s neat that (s)he decided to relax for a while in your presence. Reminds me of a squirrel. Though the squirrels in my backyard are much pudgier right now. Your first photo is particularly wonderful :-). I like how the little plants in the foreground make viewers feel like they are in the agouti’s world.

  2. What a striking looking animal this is! I had never heard of the agouti before, never mind seen one. You do get to see some extraordinary wildlife in yourtravels! Well done, Emily! 😁

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