Foot Prints

Climbing up a Mountain


Once again the mountains of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia were calling my name. Indeed, one in particular – Old Rag Mountain beckoned me even more.

A perennial favorite of the Mountain Club of Maryland a group of us headed out to Virginia for an autumn hike.

I remember Old Rag Mountain well as it’s been a few times that I’ve climbed his craggy face. Covered with granite boulders, part of the trail involve climbing up, over, in between and underneath the rocks.

It’s one of those hikes that I love so much, but the trail hates my body even more. Sore for days later, the climb and the full-body workout traversing the boulders always took its toll. The 3,000 foot climb always takes my breath away and the nine-mile circuit make my feet weary.

But the views..oh the views make it worth the effort.


Beginning with a slow, long and steep climb along switchbacks, the woods were alive with color.

Sometimes I felt as if I was on the edge of the world.


The day was glorious, the weather and the company perfect. And the best part? After many years of training, I was truly prepared, feeling fit and strong, at last I conquered the mountain.

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  1. A fantastic effort and great photos. As for your travelling companions, it’s wonderful to see how getting older doesn’t mean life needs to get smaller if you maintain yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Some of the ladies I play golf with are well into their eighties and still going strong. Inspirational!

  2. I agree, there’s is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when ones reaches the top of a mountain. I remember feeling like a was on top of the world (literally) when DH and I climbed to the top of Stob Ban, one of the mountains in the West Highlands in Scotland. It was a clear day and one could see for miles on end, with the valleys, rivers, lakes and even the sea below: a view hard to beat.

    • You make me laugh Tricia, as I also have not so fond memories as well. Mainly being crippled for days afterward from being so sore from the hike. Thrilled that I could bring back memories for you, and thank you.

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