Artistic Birds

With all of the lovely bird photographs in my gallery, it was only time for me to catch the creative bug. With thanks to Denise Ippolito, A Creative Adventure, she introduced me to Topaz Impression software that offers a variety of one-click templates that modify an image in all sorts of creative ways.

With the ability to individualize each capture and filters, the possibilities are endless.

In this day and age where there are so many bird photographers, it takes an effort to stand out from the crowd. The demand for print on paper photographs has nearly gone to a screeching halt in the digital world.

And so the adventure in offering my captures in different medium has begun, and the variety of products available for photos are exciting. Canvas prints truly showcase images, and then fun and useful household objects like placemats, kitchen towels, tiles, various coffee cups, cutting boards, etc.

It will certainly take some time for me to create a variety of products that you can choose from to brighten your life.

In the meantime, my dear and kind readers, getting feedback from you is part of my creative process. And thus, I present you two “Artistic Birds.”

Along the wetlands of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge this Great white heron posed beautifully for me. With bright color surrounding him, he inspired me to paint him from my image.

What do you think? Do you like this style of photo editing? Tell me your thoughts, and I look forward to your feedback.

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    • You are truly too kind Denise. The egret is too yellow for my taste, so needs more work. It’s all because of you that I’ve started down this path.

      I am so grateful for your guidance and inspiration.

  1. I recently got Impressions too and it is overwhelming. My problem is I spent so much time with it. Even when I find an effect I like I keep thinking maybe another one will be better. How do you ever choose? I want to have a balance in my photography. Sometimes producing the best “photo-looking” photo and sometimes taking a photo and giving it my artistic spin. So much fun!

    • I had a very hard choosing as well. I tend to like to show things as I saw them, so when it got too creative I moved on. Looking forward to winter when I have more time on my hands to play indoors.

  2. I really love that effect: it reminds me of Monet’s paintings, similar to the famous Water Lilies. These would make beautiful gifts and I’d definitely be interested in buying your products.

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