A Butterfly

‘Twould ease — a Butterfly —
by Emily Dickinson

‘Twould ease — a Butterfly —
Elate — a Bee —
Thou’rt neither —
Neither — thy capacity —

But, Blossom, were I,
I would rather be
Thy moment
Than a Bee’s Eternity —

Content of fading
Is enough for me —
Fade I unto Divinity —

And Dying — Lifetime —
Ample as the Eye —
Her least attention raise on me —

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  1. Great captures!
    I see no name under Miss Cabbage White – Pieris rapae. The girls have 2 spots, boys one. Sadly, they like my broccoli! 😬

    • Somehow that name got dropped. Thanks Ilex ! I didn’t know you could tell the difference between the boys and the girls. And those little green worms on my broccoli/cabbage? Who knew it was these cuties.

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