Black Skimmers

The remarkable bill of the Black Skimmer sets it apart from all other American birds. The large red and black bill is knife-thin and the lower mandible is longer than the upper. The bird drags the lower bill through the water as it flies along, hoping to catch small fish.


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    • Now these guys are super cool birds. I’ve only seen good numbers like this only one other time and that was about 5 years ago in Florida. I could have watched them all afternoon. Couldn’t believe the little minnows they were catching while ‘skimming’

  1. I watched a documentary on Netflix, and these birds were part of the show. Incredibly interesting. Your shots are absolutely stunning – thank you for sharing!

      • Home base is NJ at the moment. I have looked at Sandy Hook, Cape May and last week in Florida. I’ll spot them soon and the wait always makes it more special! 🙂 Thanks for the Delaware tip!

        • They are on Prime Hook Road, at Prime Hook NWR. Where in Florida were you? The other time I saw them was at Cedar Key, but that was in Feb/March time. You can also check for reports of where they may be.

          Did you get the warblers and red knots at Cape May this year?

        • Thanks for the tip! We were on Sanibel Island in Florida. Great wildlife experience as well as a beautiful family spot. I was at Cape May just before the migration really started.

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