Historical Latin America

Tilling in the Andes


High in the Bolivian Altiplano region of the Andes Mountains, the Aymara Indians survive by farming the harsh, rocky terrain. Truly a family affair where all hands are used to till the tough soil and plant potatoes, corn and wheat for future harvest.

Today’s the day for digging and excavating under the surgeon’s knife for me. Please say a prayer for an easy procedure and a fast recovery. I look forward to seeing you on the other side! Emily aka Bella

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  1. Well wishes to you again, I hope today went alright for you! And the others are right, today is a good day to NOT be outside!

    Nice photo too btw, emotional. The environment in which they’re farming looks damning. There’s no green in sight and yet they push on with the faith that the green will come when they put the work in. Seems fitting for your day then too!

    Be well! 🙂

    • My dearest LP, you have seen into this image much more than my insight ever recognized. You’re absolutely right. These indians to push on in the harshest climate to provide sustenance for survival. They put in the hard work and amazingly are happy. Although alcoholism is prevalent among the men.

      It’s freezing this week so couldn’t have timed it more perfectly for recovery. I don’t feel like I’m missing out too much. And then I have a friend send me cool pics like a fox playing with his dead vole before eating it. 🙂

      • Thank you! I might be inclined to alcoholism in those climates too! 😉 Not that I’m trying to play so lightly with that issue as I know it is anything but…I’m just saying… And with that in mind I applaud them for getting up and doing the work!

        We got at least 8″ the other night, and I’m still sore from the shoveling though I welcome the activity. The best part about the internet is that even when you’re down and out there’s surely still something to be enjoyed and even inspired by, like Foxes and voles!!!! That sounds too funny…well, for the Fox at least.

        I’m glad to see your response, it tells me you’re alright for the most part. 😉 Be well.

        • All things considering, I am doing really quite well. It’ll take a while to heal though.

          For the indians, they drink “chicha” which is a home brewed beer made from corn. They’ll take a gallon to work the fields everyday and drink it for lunch.

          I’m going to see if my friend will allow me to share his pics on my blog. They are incredible!

        • I’m very glad to hear about your wellness. Hopefully your healing goes just as smoothly.

          Not a beer drinker myself but I guess there’s yet another way to have corn for lunch! Interesting factoid.

          They sound like fun pics, I’ll keep my eyes open for them. Perhaps if you bribe him or even just pingback, send everybody hiking over to his page. 😉

  2. I wish the best for you and eagerly await your spring bird photos!
    Have fun with the morphine button! 😉

  3. My thoughts are with you and hope that the procedure went smoothly and your recovery won’t have you laid up for too long. I didn’t know, take care of yourself all my best ~ Mary

    • I know, I was kind of keeping this surgery quiet from people. I had all of the girl plumbing taken out. Ouch! I’ll see photos of what he removed when I see him in two weeks. He said I did the right thing as the fibroids were quite large. I know I’ll feel awesome once the healing is done. Thank you so much for your kind caring Mary.

      Still awaiting to acquire one of your masterpieces.;-)

      • Thoughts are with you dear Emily for smooth and quick healing. One day at a time, – we’ll all be here waiting for more of your wonderful photographs. All best, as we all wait for the sale, lol (mean while my walls and shelves are really full!

      • Yeah that is one big Ouch! At least you are mending during the cold months, so you can enjoy a warm fire and hot chocolate (at least that’s what I’d be asking for). You take care ~

        Watching New England and Baltimore battle (we used to live in New England) it out and just told my husband what you are still waiting for (a masterpiece?) – he smiled! Have a wonderful evening.

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