A Change in Scenery

One great way to break the monotony is to wake up to a snow filled landscape. It’s been the first snowfall for our area, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting.


See, I wanted to follow my fox’s footprints to find his lair. But wouldn’t you know, all the footprints I found were from little birds and squirrels. Seems Mr. Fox decided to sleep through the snowy scene.

The ponies however, were thrilled to be out and enjoyed the fresh air from the falling snow. It even made good eating.



Serenity fell over the landscape and a deeper breath was taken. Even a wintery day can help revive the spirit.


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      • I’m in Bethesda. .. Very close to dc. My friend owns horses and has a farm in Davidsonville. .. is that near you? I’ve read many of your posts about Annapolis, Conowingo Dam, etc. I’m finding quite a few locals on wordpress!

        • Really? Where in Davidsonville? What type of farm? That’s near where I board – Equilibrium Horse Center.

          Awesome that you’re finding locals. We ought to pool together and have a meetup!

          And yes, where you are you tend to get more snow than we do in Severna Park.

        • Governors Bridge rd? Does that sound familiar?

          That’s a great idea! I re – blogged your Conowingo Dam post (which had great tips for photographing the Eagles) and went in December all excited and armed with a friend’s telephoto zoom and it rained freezing rain the entire time! My photos are crap. The Eagles look more like bugs than birds in the tree and they are all grainy wth mΓΊltiple heads. Total disaster! I’d love to learn from you. Your pics are amazing!

        • Heck yeah on Governor’s Bridge. Really close to where I go. Humm..does she offer boarding?

          Oh my, can’t believe it rained the one day you finally made it to the dam. Lots of practice and lots of cropping on my images.

          I also have a meetup group called Feathered Friends, you can look it up and join us. I don’t have an outing until March after my surgery, but it’ll be great if you can join us.

          Great to meet you and hope to meet you in person soon. Emily

        • They are building a house there. Now they board at oblivion farm? or something like that.

          Yes practice practice practice. I didn’t know how hard bird photography was until I tried it. It encompasses all the things I need a ton of work on. Kudos to you! I really enjoy looking at your pics and admire your talent.
          I’ll find you on Meetup and look for future outings. I now belong to shutterbugs group which is closest to dc where I am.

          Nice to meet you, Emily. I hope you have a swift recovery!

        • Yep, I know Lynford Morton and Shutterbugs quite well. He was my first mentor in this journey called photography. Great teacher!

          Once you get bird photography, all the rest is easy. You’ll find your passion in this art. I never knew bird photography would be mind. Thank you so much and see you soon.

    • Thank you so much Courtney. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to go out and shoot. I feel like I’ve lost my mojo. Appreciate your kind words – makes me feel like I did all right after all. πŸ™‚

  1. Beautiful images…this New Yorker living in Texas sure does miss the winter wonderland! Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face.

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