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Laguna Colorada

Far in the southwestern region of Bolivia that borders Chile is Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. The expanse of this refuge is impressive holding over 1.7 million acres of pristine high altitude desert. Found in the region are lakes, mountains, and active volcanoes. This reserve was established […]

Flamingos in Bolivia

Tall and elegant but yet gawky are the Pink flamingos, and finding them living at altitudes above 12,000 feet is something that you would least expect. In my travels, I’ve had the great fortune to enjoy them at Lake Manyara in Tanzania, and on the Galapagos Islands but […]

Villamar Mallcu

So here I am, in a random small village in the remote area of Southwestern Bolivia gasping for air in the near 13,000 feet of altitude. Our small hostal accommodations was full for the night as there are no nearby towns that offer places to stay. It was […]

Into Remote Bolivia Part 1

It was time for us to leave the expansive Salar de Uyuni and begin our journey to the furthest reaches of the southwestern portion of Bolivia. A dirt road lead us away from the bustling town of Uyuni, and the landscape quickly gave way to expansive Quinoa fields, […]

The Quinoa Fields of Bolivia

Quinoa – a super food from the Andes mountains that is a magical grain and now a hot food product on the international market. This super food is gluten free, low carbohydrate compared to rice and offers 4% protein. How I love Quinoa and what it offers for […]

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni, or the world’s largest salt flats is high in the Altiplano region of Bolivia. Now a popular place to visit for international visitors, it’s becoming better known in recent years. It’s a unique place that offers different perspectives from the rainy season in the earlier […]

En La Copa – Copacabana Bolivia

Copacabana, Bolivia is a popular stopping point between Puno, Peru and La Paz, Bolivia. Close to the historical “Isla del Sol” and Isla de la Luna” Copacabana has certainly grown up since I was last there 30 years ago. I remember driving there with my friend in a […]

Aymaras of Bolivia

One cannot visit Bolivia without being immediately impressed upon the large Indigenous population that makes the country thrive. In fact, over 62% of Bolivia’s people are of Indigenous ancestry and of 36 ethnic groups, the majority of them are Aymara or Quechua. My father dedicated a good portion […]

The Ancient Village of Tiwanaku

High in the Altiplano region of Bolivia on the southwest edge of Lake Titicaca lies the Unesco World Heritage site of Tiwanaku. The historical ruins of the Spiritual and Political center of Tiwanaku can date its roots from as far back as 300 C.E. Even earlier traces of […]