The Province of Sur Lipez Bolivia

I left you holding your breath while I was enjoying Baby Llama and his soft fur. But my visit with him was to be brief for we were off for a long drive through the Province of Sur Lipez in Bolivia.

The Sur Lipez region is found south of Villamar Mallcu and includes the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. This area is home to a number of high altitude lakes such as Laguna Verde, Laguna Colorada, Laguna Salada, Laguna Busch and Laguna Hedionda. At least three of these lakes host three species of flamingos which we will learn more about in my next post.

It’s a vast landscape that seems to continue forever. Along the dusty roads Toyota four-runners transport visitors from one scenic spot to the next. But along the way, the scenery was spectacular and I found myself asking the driver to stop here and there so that I could capture some of the unique Dali-esque landscapes.

Glacier mountains graced the desert environment where only low grasses grew. To say the landscape was stark of life that would be an understatement. In the Sur Lipez region, very few living creatures exist the harsh and arid climate. With less than 6,000 inhabitants, the primary occupation is agriculture.

It was an unexpected portion of our journey in Bolivia as it’s a landscape that I’ve never experienced before. Unique in its high-altitude and desert like conditions. Remote and filled with solitude there were times I felt as this is what Mars must be like.

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  1. What a beautiful world live in, thank you for sharing parts I would have never seen – stunning pictures! I would imagine one could feel like they left part of their soul in that vastness.

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