It’s a Hoot Shooting Owls at Soldiers Delight NEA

Yesterday morning, the Feathered Friends Photography Meetup group participated in a wonderful Birds of Prey Photo Safari hosted by David Muse of Baltimore Photo Safari and Marie Joabar of Capital Photography.

This event is offered twice a year and each time that I participate the experience is brand new. The birds are different, the lighting conditions are different, and an opportunity to learn something new is always welcome.

Hosted at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area their Scales and Tales exhibit holds wildlife that for some reason are unable to survive in the wild. An essential conservation and educational program that helps increase awareness of the beauty that Mother Nature holds around us.

If you’re in the area and haven’t attended one of these workshops yet, I can’t recommend it enough. Keep shooting!


Name that Raptor Contest
One Upset Eagle
Birds of Prey

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  1. These are so beautiful, I need a Feathered Friends Meet Up group! Lol, I can certainly see why you love this. Thanks so much for sharing. šŸ˜€

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