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    • You are so sweet Andy..I certainly do try. I must confess. It is super humid this week. One of those days that you just sit and sweat. I saw three of them out there, so I went out to my spot in the gazebo and hoped for their return. One hour later and nothing. Only two short visits. Seems they didn’t like my presence.

      All that sweat for nearly nothing. LOL!

    • Hi Judy! Sorry for the delay, I shoot with a full-frame Canon 5D Mark III with 500mm L lens, although I was close, these images still have been cropped. For hummers, my ISO is usually at least 2000, f/5.0 with shutter speeds around 2000/s. Hope this helps!

      • Wow! Awesome! I figured the shutter speed would be super fast. I’ve heard of full frame cameras, but don’t understand much about them. Keep shooting gorgeous photos!!

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