Changing the channel on you today. The Galapagos still awaits for us, but in the meantime Spring has Sprung on the Chesapeake Bay. Due to a longer winter, migration movements of beautiful song birds have been delayed and are more concentrated. Birders have been thrilled the past week with the quantity and variety of birds seen in the area. Three days of solid rain helped quite a bit by bringing the birds down for a long rest.

This past week I was busy with a five day horse back riding clinic. I was riding the beast and let me just leave it that I spent four days trying to save my life. The beast was rearing, running off, spooking and bucking. Four days in a row…45 minutes each day and numerous times during the ride. A couple of times I almost bit the dust, but I remembered just how far down to the ground it was, so I managed to cling on for dear life.

I snuck an hour in yesterday to bird and really wish I could have been out longer. The warblers are here and in full force ! Birds staying are busy either nest building or already sitting on eggs. Visiting the Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden in Annapolis in the early morning brought some beautiful views.

I really wish I could have spent more time and can’t get out and bird again until tomorrow morning. If you can, get out and enjoy nature today. The world is awakening with the spring.

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      • It’s interesting that you say that. I was at Davidsonville Park down by the pond, and saw one not three feet off the ground in the bushes. I was so suprised to see him that I didn’t get my camera set in time to take a picture. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a Northern Parula on the backside of that pond almost every time I’ve gone, though usually up in the trees. Plus, the Yellow-Breasted Chats are back and seem to be singing from high perches right now. It’s just a wonderful time to be birding!

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