Santiago Island – Part Two: Within


Little did I know that the walk from the black sanded beach to a beige colored beach was to be a power walk. As we had a wet landing upon arrival on Santiago Island, I had worn my Teva sandals in the water. Walking with wet Tevas and damp feet, the black sand began to cut my baby toes like broken glass.

Seems the sand on the islands have different textures and indeed some sand is like ground glass. So stumbling along the path, desperately trying to keep up with the naturalist I kept being stopped in my tracks by the birds.

Another charming Galapagos Flycatcher dropped by, trying to flutter into my lens hood but then settling quietly on a nearby branch.


The Galapagos Mockingbirds were plentiful and one real character caught my eye.

While enjoying him being so close, before I knew it he flew and landed on my tripod leg!


Talk about super close ! I immediately froze as I wanted him to stay as long as possible. “Hello” Mr. Mockingbird said. “Got anything good to eat on these black thingies?” “Let me peck here at the joint and see if I can find a bug.” Speechless, I watched him while he investigated. First one tripod leg, then the next. By the third I was astounded.


They say that the animals on Galapagos get up close and personal. I can certainly say that the stories are indeed true.



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    • Actually I was the only one devoted to my tripod. One person had the 70-200 mm lens and one had the Sigma 100-500mm. I was the only one with a true beast. Not a photog devoted group as you can see.

  1. I knew that tripods were good for something, but didn’t know that it was to give the birds a place to perch. 😉 You should have gotten some close-ups with your compact camera.

  2. There is NO question who owns the island! (I wonder if people in this cafe are wondering why I’m smiling like this…) Looks like a very cool experience, maybe he knew you had a thing for the Mockingbirds and he wanted to be in the spotlight!

    I love that shot of the Flycatcher, he’s so cute and funny looking.

    Cheers! 😀 Well done!

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