Yet More Snow


Snow, snow and more snow. That is what today was all about. This past weekend was a mini vacation for me, and would you believe that I didn’t take any pictures? I have no idea why I didn’t as I had three different cameras on hand. Guess it was one of those times I just wanted to enjoy the experience and not worry about capturing it for all time.

It started snowing in the middle of the night, and all day the snow came down all light and fluffy. Of course I got a little bit of cabin fever, even though I had been out of the house for the past three days. I had visions of taking the SUV out and doing some four-wheeling in the snow.

So I made an excuse to head to the grocery store for a few things and then headed over to Kinder Farm Park for a quick visit. The entrance was unlocked, but signs were at the roadway stating it was closed and trespassers could be ticketed.


Being a little photography deprived, the warning signs didn’t deter me. I figured I could sneak in for a few minutes, capture a few images and get out of there before being noticed. I passed my favorite little pond, and saw some ducks floating around. I’m anxious for spring to hit this little pond and see what migrant ducks show up. Perhaps even the wood ducks will make return.


I zipped out of the park, as I saw a county truck pass me and I tried to pretend that I was supposed to be there. Heading back to the Manor, a neighbor’s horse peered at me from its run-in-shed. Of course I had to stop and get out for a photo.


Back at the manor, the birds were still working on eating every single little seed I had put out earlier. It would have been a shame if I didn’t make the effort to pull out the beast and practice photographing birds in the snow.

I feel that I’m getting a little better at this. Change a little of this, change a little of that with the camera settings.

Today really felt like a bonus Sunday, the rest of the week is busy. Hopefully you were able to enjoy the day today. Bella

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  1. I’m so glad you went through the fencing anyways, These photos are so beautiful! Wonder how birds manage to stay so warm though, I’d be freezing geez :O

  2. Thank you for going out to share some winter wonderland in your area. Beautiful. All of our snow is gone. Back to plenty of precipitation.

    • You are too sweet Jerry. Thank you so much. I went through about 20 pounds yesterday and had to restock today. Will refill everything tomorrow. No thanks to the Grackles and Starlings that are wiping me out. Don’t care if they eat the corn and leave the rest for the others..but NO..they have to attack every feeder out there.

  3. you make me so jealous Emily…no snow here this year 😦 excellent photos of your birds – is the red one a cardinal?

    • You’re absolutely right ! That is a Cardinal. Beautiful birds aren’t they? Can’t imagine you didn’t get any snow this winter. Be glad, think of all that shoveling of snow you could have been doing.

  4. I know it’s cold and that you must be really desperate for some warmth, but the pictures are amazingly beautiful. I’m glad you took the risk, you are like my soul sister. Big warm hug to you! ❤

  5. I simply LOVE the snow – your captures are simply glorious – makes me wish we were getting more snow here instead of just icing winds!

  6. Nice arrangement! I really like the bridge pic, is it in grey scale here? The overall composition feels timeless. It would have been hard to resist not crossing some barriers!

    I think it’s incredible that just when you think you’re photography free you wind up with images that are inspiring in their own right. I think pictures like these are the kind that we will all look back on with an almost sick nostalgia when spring comes around. There’s nothing like the warmer months, but it’s just as true that there’s nothing like winter, its textures and various shades of the same old drab colors. Your pics help us to see I think that they aren’t so drab after all. Winter gives us the chance for reflection in places we might not normally find it.

    Stay warm,

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