The Tight Grip of Winter

The past weekend was nothing less than an evil tease of spring. Two beautiful balmy and warm days made me believe that winter was fading away.

Alas, on February 2, 2014 the world famous ground hog, Punxsutawney Phil poked his little head out of his hole and said

“A Super Bowl winner I will not predict,
but my weather forecast you cannot contradict.
Why that’s not a football but my shadow I see,
It’s six more weeks of winter it must be!”

Waking up to light snow flurries, Phil’s prediction became reality. My footsteps lead me towards Eastport, just south of Annapolis on Spa Creek.

A solitary pair of footprints left on the dock from a sailboat owner lead me to a broad view to Naptown.


The boats floated quietly in the water near the Annapolis Maritime Museum. Light snow flakes still falling in the afternoon light.

Even if it was not the spring that was promised to be, appreciation for another delicate snowy day was due. Spring will come, I just know it!

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  1. I’m glad that some one is still optimistic that there will be a spring this year, I have given up hope. Let me know if clicking the ruby slippers works, I’ll try anything at this point.

  2. I know spring is coming and after this winter it was no surprise that Phil saw his shadow. I think we’re coming up now on his six weeks though and what I’m seeing here for the next 10 days in the Midwest looks a lot like spring! I’m in full spring, I mean swing, appreciation for this winter. I think this spring will be the happiest yet!

    Your timing was apparently perfect that you were able to get only one set of footprints, so centered and crisp! Looks like that sailor is itching for spring like us all!

    Nice post!

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