I Miss Green

Merkle13may13-2412-EditI miss green. The bitter winter has clamped on with its sharp talons, vowing to never let go. The gentle breezes and soft smells of spring seem like a lost dream.

With blue skies and puffy clouds warming our skin after a long cold winter.

untitled shoot-7034-EditColorful butterflies dancing in the sky, fluttering by with their delicate wings showing their strength.


Bright yellow sunflowers with their cheery faces invites the birds and the bees to rejoice in their brilliance.


Old Man Winter, it’s time for you to wither and allow for the return of green.





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  1. I feel like I just heard and was looking at a dream. With mounds of blinding snow everywhere your images offer a welcome reprieve.

    For starters I just love how sharp your images are and the variation in colors in the grass of the first photo is really beautiful. It’s one of those pictures that could pass you by but when you stop and stare the different greens and yellows and even greenish-blues come out like bursts of flavor! And I love pictures of clouds that show their dimension, well done. Of course the rest of the pictures exhibit the sharpness in subject and color I was talking about.

    Thanks for reminding us what the valley on the other side of the mountain of snow looks like, giving us a chance to dream.


    • We don’t dream enough, and seeing the beauty around us brings those dreams to reality. This day was a truly magical day. With beautiful sun bright blue skies and the earth teeming with life. The song birds were singing their hearts away and we enjoyed a hummingbird flying to a tree and resting.

  2. Okay so I scrolled back to the top and looked at the field again. It’s one of those pictures you take and really see it for the magic it holds even if its not obvious to everyone but you fall for it so much that you yearn to show people what you see even if they don’t at first. Maybe it’s just me but I’m a bit fascinated by the intensity of color when you really look into it.

    Moving along…;-)


    • You indeed see the magic and beauty in the green field. Not only is the wheat so full of life and secrets inside. Including the deer paths that lead this a way and that a way. Thank you so much for being you and sharing your experiences and thoughts with me.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! I’ve been living in a black & white world for over two months, and I’m strictly a color photographer, so it’s been rough. It was nice of you to post some great photos of what we have to look forward to!

  4. Great post…..although I’m mildly annoyed because I was thinking of doing something similar in the next couple of weeks 😉. One thing is for sure Em…..the seasons will change……eventually!

  5. Beautiful photoset …I miss white – it has been a washout this winter – no snow at all (not one bit) – which is unusual – something to to with the Gulf Stream we are told..but 3 frosty mornings so far and no white 😦 You can send some white over to me please…

  6. In the last few days, I’ve seen crocuses and irises flowering in my garden and the daffodils are springing up nicely, ready for Mother’s Day here on the 3rd weekend of March. Spring is only round the corner.

    What a magnificent butterfly! That is truly a first class picture. Well done! 🙂

    • I can’t believe you’re seeing signs of spring already. We’ve got some birds pairing up, but other than that, we are deep in the grips of winter. Another winter storm on the way. I’ll hold on just for you. 🙂

  7. I frequently find myself wishing for the days of summer when it’s beach and alligator season. 🙂
    Of course I can’t complain too much today as it’s currently 72 and sunny.

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