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Project 365/360 – Arctic Zone

The last time I looked, I thought I was living in Maryland, a warm and friendly Mid-Atlantic State. Hit with an arctic blast today, the temperatures when I woke up was a blazing 2 degrees fahrenheit! That’s not including the wind chill factor that brought temperatures to the – 15 degrees. below zero. What the heck?

I’ve never been in single digit temperatures before in my life. Today has been a rude awakening. Really see, I had no idea that temperatures like these are killers. Killers of wildlife. Lovely birds like Carolina Wrens, and some misguided hummingbirds that forgot to migrate to the tropics.

There has been a two wonderful Carolina Wren families here, that built their nests within the windows of the house during the summer. They would chirp and chime throughout the day with their wide variety of songs. I can’t imagine life here at the manor without these lovely birds filled with personality.

I didn’t spend much time around the house today to keep an eye out in hopes that they survived. I’m hoping they managed to find a way to sneak into a basement or something to keep warm. So to say a prayer for their safety and survival, here are a few images from warmer days.


untitled shoot-5873


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  1. Wow, it must be cold to wildlife if they are not used to it! Luckily most birds can get a hiding place from extreme weather, especially when they are used to it, but many needs extra feeding. Take care all of you!

    • We are trying our best Bente. It’s been super hard at the barn as there is no heaters (fire hazard) and their water buckets freeze. They had to make a special warm mash to get water into the horses to keep them hydrated.

    • Really? And one would think Ontario Canadians would be accustomed to such things. But somehow this is exceptional. I think my wrens survived but not certain yet. It’s still frigid, but will warm a bit tomorrow. Thanks Dorothy.

  2. Beautiful pictures of your wrens!

    I also know how you feel. The other day I was sitting by the front window when a squirrel drug itself along the deep snow and stopped at the first tire track in my driveway. It stood there hunched over for a minute with its front legs/arms tucked into its chest. I felt so bad for it, wished I could provide some sort of sanctuary!

    We’ve had seriously hard winter weather these last several days in the Midwest (currently in SW Michigan). Last night the low was -17 F with wind chills of -35 and I can safely say we have about 2 ft of snow. Today the high was I think -7 although lucky for us tomorrow we’ll go up to 17, then 23, then 35, 39, 38… Phew relief for animals and people alike. I hope your weather improves as well and that the wrens are okay!

    Prayers all around.

    Stay warm,

    • Oh the poor baby. When you described the squirrel, I can feel his suffering. My squirrels are so fat, they’re plenty warm. LOL ! The temps you’re listed are unbelieveable. I can’t even imagine how you manage to survive in those temperatures. The heating bills must be out of the roof, assuming you’ve got working heating. Does the snow provide any insulation?

  3. As long as this cold snap doesn’t last too long, the wrens will be OK if they can find food. Feathers are great insulation, which is why humans harvest feathers to make warm coats and comforters.

    Great photos, it would be a shame if you lost the wrens.

    • I think I heard two of them chirp yesterday, but I haven’t seen them. Some other local birders have reported for certain the deaths of their wrens, along with a lost Ruby Throated hummingbird. They’re just not acclimated like your birds are. How are you surviving the arctic storm?

  4. I really hope they’ve survived and that the temperatures will rise very soon. I can’t even begin to imagine how that kind of cold must feel. I might not have the strength to get out of bed. Thinking of you all in the big freeze. Warm hugs to you.

    • I had fun with it for two days, but the third I didn’t want to be out in the frigid temperatures. All that with five layers of clothes on. Takes me five minutes to take it all off. 🙂 You are so dear and sweet. Hugs across the waters.

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