2013 Project 365

Project 365/357 – Ducks in the Bay


A very cold morning with the car thermometer registering a balmy 8 degrees F. This Florida sun bunny has never been in single digit temperatures before. But having lived in Maryland for over ten years now, I have grown acclimated to the cold. That and a huge wardrobe of winter gear. The kind that when you take it all off, it can fill a whole bin on the clothes washer.

The reason for heading out on such a chilly morn? I crazily offered a Bird field photo workshop at a local park near Annapolis. This park is on a point that looks over Thomas Point Lighthouse. A place where even on a calm day, the winds hit you hard.

Surprisingly, nine people showed up for the workshop. Their photo experience ranged from total novice to a retired professional photographer. Even though the ducks were a little away from the shoreline, there were plenty of wonderful photo opportunities to be had. Somehow I managed to last nearly three hours in the below freezing temperatures.

Now I’m in my jammies under a warm feather blanket. Think I’ll stay here for the rest of the evening. Hope your day was warmer than mine!


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  1. You’re just a glutton for punishment aren’t you? 😉

    The photos were worth it, but leading a group of photographers this time of year, you were lucky to have any one show up.

  2. Great photos! I would have to be sure my ‘anti-shake’ setting was on to not show the shivering I would be doing! 😉

  3. I am glad your workshop was successful in such cold temperatures. Happy New Year to you. We only got back from a very wet and windy France yesterday. Catching up with post now.

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