2013 Project 365

Project 365/292 – Cavalia “Odysseo”


Enter with me, under the big tent of Cavalia, an equestrian extravaganza. A Canadian based company that puts on a show worthy of Cirque du Soleil, filled with beautiful horses, muscular men and stunning women.

Today, we are getting the VIP treatment so let’s enter through the private entrance.


Prior to the show, a generous buffet, popcorn and best of all champagne ever flowing is enjoyed. New friends are made and excitement fills the air. No photographs are allowed inside, and all were respectful of this rule. So you’ll need to imagine with me the mesmerizing show.

With 64 male horses,  many stallions, a new acrobatic team from Ghana, and international renowned riders the show is superb. Horse and rider teams work in perfect harmony through love and respect. Much of the show is with the horses free. Willingly and wanting to follow and obey their human leader. In one scene within the four dimensional stage there were 24 free horses. Four horses paired with one human leader. Each following in perfect synchronicity, lined up together and performing elaborate moves.

The horses were relaxed, many ridden without a bit through complicated jumps and moves. Ridden well with the classical dressage principles, with their noses in front of the vertical and well balanced. Each horse responding gracefully the quiet vocal aids from the leaders.

A truly spectacular show that continued to astound. The elaborate set included  a large sand dune with a backdrop the equivalent of 3 IMAX screens. From the ceiling dropped a large carousel onto the stage, and the show ends with a lake.

If you ever seen this show in your area, make the effort and go. It’s well worth it. Now, come with me into the barn after the show. Part of the VIP treatment.

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  1. I went on Thursday night and enjoyed it so much! My favorite scene was after the intermission when they open the curtain and the horses were all sleeping. So amazing how they all slowly “woke up” in unique ways. I had to sit on my hands, though. I wanted to pull out my camera so badly! The lake scenes with the reflections and splashing…and colors!

    • Now that scene was breathtaking. As a horsey girl, you understand the significance of this scene. to have so many horses resting on the ground, many with their trainers laying on them. In their most vulnerable state, trusting a human.
      Me too on the hand sitting thing. 🙂

  2. You piqued my interest so I looked it up – it looks amazing and beautiful. Tickets are pricey but it looks like a fantastic show. And for someone who loves horses ….. 😉

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