Project 365/285 – Knights in Shining Armor

Today was the last day of the season for the stellar Maryland Rennaissance Festival. More fondly known as the Renn Fest, people near and far gather at Revel Grove each weekend for nine weeks to enjoy the celebration.

The highlight of this weekend is their Jousting Competition, where jousters from around the country join the Free Lancers Jousting Company in a number of jousting challenges.

With great fanfare, ten knights on horseback garbed in full armor and bright colors lined up in formal ceremony to begin the event.



In the jousting world “Injuries in jousting are extremely rare. Bumps, bruises, cuts, contusions, strains, sprains, and minor breaks do not count as injuries.”

A full contact sport, with moving animals, long spears and tough armor this is the game of champions. So, let the games begin!

Getting geared up with lance in hand, the knights start on opposing sides of a lane and gallop towards each other.


MDRennfest20oct13-3802The BAM !! Lances hit with a metal clank.

MDRennfest20oct13-3813 MDRennfest20oct13-3788

Sometimes they miss, sometimes the impact is strong enough for the lance to break.

MDRennfest20oct13-3795 MDRennfest20oct13-3832

Such bravery, such strength, such noble creatures and honorable knights.

Oh to have a shining Knight in Armor on a white steed.



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  1. We have one on Cape Cod for the month of September and October weekends King Richards Fair Love going to them!

  2. Excellent! Obviously there are a lot of these events in the UK each year and I have been to several of them…the excitement is tremendous. These pictures really sum up the day. Many years ago I belonged to the ‘Sealed Knot Society’ which re-enacted medieval battles…I got hit on the head storming Scarborough castle and had to spend the rest of the day in the beer tent – recovering you understand

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