2013 Project 365

Project 365/248 – On Delicate Wings

On the delicate wings of life.

Traveling on the pathways with elegance and grace.

Flitting from one beautiful blossom to the next searching for sweet nectar.

With brief lives, each moment is lived to its fullest.

Each of us a butterfly, with unique beauty, colors and personality.

A beauty that is to be enjoyed by those near and dear.

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    • Oh Madhu, you are truly too kind. This is with the 70-300mm Canon lens which is notoriously “soft” along with high ISO’s up to 3200. These pictures are not to my new standards that I get with the 100mm L Macro and Canon Mark III and lowe ISO’s. Thank you though, these were the best I got out of 300 images. 🙂

  1. Hi,

    I absolutely love these images of the butterflies. Did you go to a butterfly conservatory? Not sure I’m saying the term correctly. I’d like to go to one of those one day. I want to take some photos like this. I know I keep saying this but you’re an awesome photographer. Are you a professional photographer?


    • That’s a good enough name for the butterfly garden at UF. It must be one of the largest on the east coast, and so well done. I was constantly being dive bombed by butterflies there are so many.
      You are so generous with your kind words on my work. Not professional yet, but hope to be able to promote more next year.

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