2013 Project 365

Project 365/247 – Courting We Will Go


Red Checked Cordon Bleu

A short post today as the day is getting long and there are things I still need to attend to.

I knew this visit to Florida was going to be difficult, so I wanted to take a mental health break before diving into real life. Stopping by the butterfly exhibit at the University of FloridaΒ for a short while I enjoyed the beauty of the rainforest.

This lovely little blue bird, which I don’t remember the name of, is a bird of Africa. He was hoping to get lucky with a girl and had a piece of nesting material that he was courting her with. Looking around for her, he kept hoping for the best.

gville11sep13-9185She flew in and he began his display. “Hey ! I’ve got nesting material..interested?” He would do this little backward hop dance, almost like moon dancing. Hop, Hop, Hop…Hope, Hope, Hope…

gville11sep13-9186She showed little interest, but he kept following her with that little stick. Waving it around, trying to get her attention. Then she flew off, leaving him with just the stick.

gville11sep13-9188He flew off after her to another spot and tried the stick dance again. She flew off once again. I saw him shortly after on a tree next to her without the stick. The poor boy, at least he tried!

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  1. I wish humans did it this way. You go out to a bar and a guy approaches you hold a brick or a piece of siding. “Oooh, I am impressed by your building materials. Wanna come home with me tonight, big boy?”

  2. What a beautiful bird, so colorful! Here’s my theory on why he didn’t get the girl….he kept following her with that little stick! Oh, I’m so bad….you get where I’m going with this….LOL!!!

  3. Oh such a courting. I love birds wooing and courting as if she does not care. Stick around (no pun intended) you would have seen her chasing him instead. Excellent piece for a mental break. Thank you.

  4. What beautiful birds! You can’t help but feel sorry for the little guy but I bet he won out in the end, she was probably playing hard to get… after all, he wouldn’t have appreciated her as much if she’d swooned at the first stick dance! πŸ™‚

  5. Emily this is WONDERFUL. The images, the story line, the playfulness and the poignancy you shared. You are so amazing and it’s a joy to see your posts every time. I’ll be seeing that little bird in my mind all day today now, appreciating how hard he tried against indifference and impossibility. So much for us all to learn here I think! πŸ™‚

  6. PS And Emily, some of our favorite nature programs have been about this very thing – the fascinating and extraordinary lengths sometimes that birds will go to in search of their mates. Adorning nests, building cave-like “huts”, amazing dances and whirling and twirling. What can I say, I ADORE the birds! πŸ™‚

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