2013 Project 365

Project 365/240 – Tile Mosaic

untitled shoot-9508-Edit

A true tiled mosaic consisting of tiles from the Art-Deco period of the 1920’s. Also known as Art Nouveau, each tile was hand-made with special designs.

A few of these tiles came from Buenos Aires, Argentina where art-deco was quite popular. But the new wave of modern design had these tiles removed from apartments and sold on venues like Ebay.


Art begins with resistance – at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor.

Andre Gide


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  1. I love your blog, I never know what you’re going to come up with for your posts! The craftsmanship and artistic abilities of those who made these tiles really comes through in your photos!

  2. Beautiful! So much work goes into these tiles…years ago when I bought my first house there was a big fireplace in one of the rooms. It had black paint all over it and I decided to scrape the paint off one day. Underneath were there very bright amazing tiles (much like the ones in your picture) – they really brought the room to life. I can’t think why the previous occupant decided to paint over them in black paint!

      • YESS I do actually because I would LOVE to do a show with an art nouveau look! Nouveau is 1800’s and DECO is the “remix” if you will redone in the 1930’s golden age era! Art Nouveau started in Paris and you can see how the style spread through riegon. Everyone had there own version! Here’s a video I watched a while ago about it You’ll love it!

        Where the movement started and

        To see the comparison in styles. I think there are 2 more videos but I can’t seem to find the links in my folder!
        GOOD LUCK!

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