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Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk – Annapolis


This fall, I will be leading the 2013 Annapolis, Maryland Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk.

Scheduled on Saturday, October 5, 2013, photo walks will be conducted throughout the world to celebrate photography.

If you don’t live near Annapolis, click here and find a walk near you:   Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk.

This is ann opportunity for photographers to gather together and get out and shoot. Time to have fun with others that have the passion for photography.

Our Annapolis walk will begin with the greeting of the sun at the Annapolis Marriott which will have waterfront views of the U.S. Power Boat Show being held that weekend.

Annapolis30aug13-9015After a quick breakfast at the Marriott, we will transfer to the Annapolis Maritime Museum. This museum is located in the last remaining oyster packing plant in the area, the McNasby’s Oyster Packing Company.


Following, we will continue our walk through Eastport and meander along the waterways to find views across Spa Creek towards Annapolis. Passing Eastport’s oldest house, and a number of marinas, photo opportunities are abound.


Crossing over Spa Creek heading back towards the Annapolis Marriott, we’ll be able to get down to water level and enjoy the nautical scenes.


Ending the walk, we’ll celebrate our great day out with new photographer friends at the Annapolis Marriott and luxuriate waterside.

Hopefully you’ll be able to participate in a World Wide Photo walk near you, and hope to see some great images from your adventure.

TO CONNECT WITH THE 2013 ANNAPOLIS – SCOTT KELBY WORLD WIDE PHOTO WALK  join us at the following social media sites.

To Register: Register Here for Annapolis, Maryland World Wide Photo Walk

To Connect on Facebook: Facebook Annapolis World Wide Photo Walk

To Connect on Flickr: Flickr Annapolis World Wide Photo Walk

Scott Kelby’s 2013 World Wide Photo Walk Flickr Group

PARKING INFORMATION:  Downtown Annapolis Parking Information Closest parking is the Noah Hillman, then the Gotts Parking Garage next to the visitors center.


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  1. I’m sure you will have an excellent time and sounds like fun!
    I could not do that here, I wouldn’t want to terrify the alligators, some photographers can be scary looking individuals. 😯 🙂

  2. I’ve been to several of Scott’s Photoshop World conferences so I’m sure this will be a fun and informative day you will be leading—congratulations! I will have to check my calendar.

  3. It sounds like a fun time, but there’s not a walk in my hometown. There are several within driving distance, but three of the four start at a nature center, imagine that.

    Since you’re leading one, would you prefer to be addressed as “Your Highness”, “Your Majesty”, or “Fearless Leader”? 😉 Have fun, I’ll be looking forward to the post about it next weekend.

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