2013 Project 365

Project 365/201 – Lighting the Way to the Puffins

Yesterday’s cruise from Bar Harbor on the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company was nothing short of spectacular. The four hour cruise took us well over 25 miles off shore, past Egg Rock Lighthouse


Our destination was way out in the Atlantic Ocean where Pelagic birds are found, along with Harbor Porpoise, Harbor Seals, and whales. One of the day’s highlights was to enjoy Atlantic Puffins on one of their nesting areas on Petit Manan Lighthouse and island.


Many Great Shearwaters were on the water, easily sailing just about the ocean looking for fish to dine on.


Arriving to Petit Manan Island, the Puffins were abundant. Flying, floating, sitting on land and preening. They are known as a sea parrot.


I could have spent all day watching the puffins, but this cruise also included a wonderful extension to find whales in the Atlantic.

Hope you enjoyed this ocean adventure.  Bella





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  1. These are wonderful photographs. I’m so glad you had nice clear day. When we went whale watching off Nova Scotia we had a very grey day so it was difficult getting nice clear photos.

    • Oh that is sad for you. I am lucky to be here for two weeks, so I really studied the weather so that we could go out on a picture perfect day. The water was like glass out on the ocean, making it easy to find things. So happy you enjoyed these photos.

    • Aren’t they adorable? There is Machias Island where you can go for a couple of hours and be in bunkers where they are all over. You are literally just feet away from them. One day perhaps I’ll make it there.

  2. Wow Emily – each photograph got more exciting. These are fantastic – love the lighthouses, but the birds and puffins were first rate! The in-flight reflections amazing and the puffin flying is the catch!

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