2013 Project 365

Photographing 2013 a Day at a Time


With great thanks to the best photo coach ever, Lynford Morton of PhototourDC who has motivated me to attempt a Project 365 for the New Year.

In his words “Many photographers use photo projects as a tool to motivate us to shoot more frequently. This is a community where we can share the best from our photo projects, encourage and inspire each other to keep working. When you join, you will see categories for your photo projects, your Project 365, 100 Strangers, and our photo challenges. I’m looking forward to improving our photography with our photo projects this year.”

Join Lyn through his Google + community and become a part of his Photo Projects 2013 program along with me and we all can become inspired.

I’ll be posting my photo a day on both Google + and on Bella Remy Photography’s Facebook Page. Stop on by and like my page on facebook, and let’s be in a circle together on Google +.

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2013 be the best photography year ever.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing project. I’ll check out the links and see if I can figure this all out! One thing that blogging has done for me in this past year – reduced my fear of unknown technology!!! Thank you!!!

    • Good luck with it Rebecca ! I found starting on Google + a bit of a challenge, but once set up it’s easy. Facebook is a piece of cake if you’re not already on there. I love how my old friends from High School found me there. πŸ™‚

      • Emily – I did it!!! I took the plunge and I’m on with you and Lynford. I think that first thing to do when you enter a new year is to do something that scares you!!! I did it an feel fabulous…

        • I am so excited Rebecca ! I saw that you found me easily enough on Google + but I just haven’t caught up yet. You’ll love Lynford, he offers all sorts of free things, webinairs, photo challenges, etc. Of course, plenty of paid services too. Can’t wait to see what project you’ll photograph this year.

    • LOL! You do make me laugh Tom. I already started panicking about the pressure I just put on myself. I’m including iPhotos as part of it, especially when I’m traveling. Wish me luck! Now I expect to see the same from Italy. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Rexlin ! I was lucky and had my 500mm lens in the car. When I arrived at the barn, these guys were running around their paddock like crazy. Thankfully l had my settings reading for birding photography, so click away I did!

  2. Project 365 sounds truly amazing! I love horses and I love this picture. Absolutely incredible and over the top! Best wishes with the project πŸ™‚

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