The Calm Before the Storm

The cool brisk air and winds blowing 20 mph begin pushing the Chesapeake Bay across the mainland. White caps rapidly arriving to the sandy beach indicates just the beginning of the power of Hurricane Sandy.

Due to hit full force mid-afternoon on Monday, light raindrops began encouraging all living creatures to take cover.

Although a gaggle of Canadian Geese think that they have found a protected pond to weather the storm, they hunkered down for a long 36+ hours of hurricane force winds.

I went to Fort Smallwood park in search of birds, but found few. I really should take a hint – two days in a row and no birds. What does that tell you? Stay tuned for the next storm update from the Chesapeake Bay.

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  1. I think the birds don’t need any meteorologists to tell the weather forecast, they are smarter than us humans… πŸ˜‰

    Take care, dear americans – I worry about the safety for you all…

      • Texas is out of the woods for this storm. And we have been really lucky with hurricanes this year. But, on the other hand, we desperatley need rain, rain, and more rain – which tropical storms sometimes bring. If it were not for the destruction they also bring!
        Take care, and I hope it won’t be too bad,

  2. Hi Emily

    Am following the course of Hurricane Sandy and hoping that you will stay safe. Marvellous photographs of the calm before the storm and am hoping that your next post will show that all is well.

    With love

    • You are so kind Gerty. So far so good. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and share your kind comments. As of now, about 50 mph gusts and the worst is throughout the night. No storm surge though which is awesome!

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