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Cat & Mouse

One afternoon I had a few moments of leisure time, so I went outside to walk around the garden and see what my four-legged children were doing.

In search of my sweet and innocent cat Sunshine, I found her in the middle of the driveway looking intently at something. Upon closer inspection, I saw the ‘something’ was a cute little mouse. At first I thought she was just observing the little field mouse. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen my cats just look at a mouse and slacking on the job.

Sunshine and the Mouse

But then all of sudden, I saw Sunshine lunge forward towards the mouse and the mouse quickly ran off but then stopped just a few feet away which must have been a mouse mile. Sunshine took a few steps closer then squatted close to the ground again, and you could almost hear her say “Ready…Set…. RUN ! ” and off the mouse went again. In the third leg of chase, the mouse ended up in the grass along the driveway. The mouse is probably thinking “Yeah! Camouflage!”

Famous last words as I watched Sunshine trot over to the grass where the mouse was, picked up the mouse with her mouth, then returned to the middle of the driveway and dropped the mouse. She then assumed the position again of attacker. The poor mouse had no choice, but to start the game again “Ready…Set…RUN !” This time, after a few rounds, he ended up in the bush. Sunshine had yet to tire of the game, and went and got the mouse to reset the game in the middle of the driveway.

Got the Mouse !

Now for Round Two!

After a third round, I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the poor mouse, for I knew that on another day my other cat Tuxedo would get it and leave it on the front porch for my breakfast. The least I could do was give it a reprieve from Sunshine’s tormentations. So I went and got the mouse and let him go deeply in the brush out of sight and mind.

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  1. That second photo is incredible! I love how the action of the mouse was caught mid-run! So cool. And Sunshine is a beautiful cat. My own cats have spent a good portion of the day chasing bugs that have been sneaking in now that we have the windows open to the nice weather…they’re indoor cats, so I’ve always wondered how’d they fare up against a mouse…

  2. I was on the edge of my chair reading this – I prefer to think that the mouse went on to live a wise old life warning other mice about the dangerous cat.

    Great shot of the mouse in mid-air. Thank you for rescuing it…

  3. Even better than an episode of Tom & Jerry 😀 Your ‘sweet & innocent’ cat must not have been hungry or that poor mouse would have been history long before you intervened! Awesome shots!

  4. 😆 This is just way too funny, Emily. So typical of a cat to torment another creature. I sometimes wonder how the cat does it without really biting on the creature, then with it over and over again. 😆 My cats are just like sunshine. Brings a bug inside the house, spit it out, watch it come back to life, torment it to exhaustion. Emily to the rescue, yah! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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