Tag: poetry

All Eyes

All eyes were on me today. I didn’t matter where I went, nor who it was. They were watching me. I wondered what I did to cause them to look at me the way they did. Was it the way I walked, or was it the color of […]

Enter the Garden

I shall enter the garden through the heavy gates. Pushing the gate ajar, it resists and creaks with the effort. It is a different world inside the garden. An Eden, an oasis. A place where the spirit is lifted from the heavy burden. The lilies shine light and […]

The Old Bridge

The old bridge, strong for over a hundred years. The tales it could tell. Of the babbling brook that flows beneath or of the footsteps that walked above. This bridge, of man-sized stones tightly bound. Even Mother Nature with her attempts, blizzards, earthquakes, heavy rains. The bridge remains […]

The Old Tree Knows

In the whispers of the wind, the old tree knows. The changing of the light shows promise. With March barely here, spring is soon to appear. The streams filled with melting snow. Rushing with life to the forest floor. Tucked in the winter debris, bright colors of a […]

Happy Valentines Day

The birds of the Manor flew in to wish you a very special Happy Valentine’s Day. May you have a warm and love filled day. Love and Friendship BY EMILY BRONTË Love is like the wild rose-briar, Friendship like the holly-tree— The holly is dark when the rose-briar […]