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Watch Your Back

Something so simple can make such a difference in your photograph. Hopefully I’m not preaching to the choir, but when framing your shot really check out your background. You want to make sure it is pleasing and not distracting to your primary subject. Busy compositions cause the viewers […]

From Picture to Art

My workshop with Allen Rokach was so inspiring with his kind ways and gentle coaching. The two-day workshop brought ample opportunity to photography nature at its best in the U.S. Botanical Gardens next to the Washington Capital building. Wanting to know how Allen sees the world, the first […]

I’m a Magician !

With my camera that is. Recently attending a photo workshop at the Washington National Cathedral, there were a few things that I learned that are simply magical. First, when taking photographs of a building – KEEP THE CAMERA STRAIGHT ! You may need to walk quite a bit […]