Flying high

I’ve got Eagles on my mind…Bald Eagles that is. I’m waiting patiently this morning for my rented Canon 500mm L lens to arrive, along with a tripod kit so that I can get out to the dam to shoot some eagles. I can’t wait to share with you my adventure. Bella
Please click through to read about the Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam.

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art

In a little known area on the Susquehanna River within the edges of the Susquehanna State Park is a seasonal enclave of America’s majestic national bird – the Bald Eagle. Chosen to represent the United States in 1782 due to its long life, great strength, and stunning looks. The Bald Eagle is unique to North America, and even though it was placed on the endangered list, the population of Bald Eagles have resurged resulting in the Eagle being removed from both the endangered and threatened species lists by 2007.
The Conowingo Dam has been operational since 1928 and provides hydroelectricity to the area. Exelon who owns and runs Conowingo Dam invested in a large fish wharf and provides visitor facilities as well. Because of the dam’s activity, fishing is plentiful and easy for birds that depend on fish as their primary source of food. 
It’s like that Farah…

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