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Northern Walking Stick

There’s an insect out there that many don’t know about. Known as a “Stick Bug’ or “Walking Stick”, there are incredibly about 6,000 species worldwide. A gentle insect that lives on leaves, these unique creatures are hard to find as they blend in so well into their environment. […]

It’s a Bugs World

As a bird photographer, there are seasons where the birds are plentiful and times when the birds are scarce. July and August are months when the migratory birds are nesting in northern regions and the hot days can quell the hardiest nature photographer’s desire to get out. Mid-August […]

A Buggy Day

It was a buggy kind of day. Some of those little things that hang around in the garden but are usually ignored. It made me look at things in a different way than usual. It was indeed the dog days of summer. When the season had grown long […]

La Mariposa Monarch

Monarch butterflies are one of those magical spirits that float in the air. With their delicate nature, they endure a grueling round-trip migration route of upwards to 3,000 miles from the Eastern North America to the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. Mexico is where they are found in […]