Northern Walking Stick

There’s an insect out there that many don’t know about. Known as a “Stick Bug’ or “Walking Stick”, there are incredibly about 6,000 species worldwide. A gentle insect that lives on leaves, these unique creatures are hard to find as they blend in so well into their environment.

One of the best things about these Walking sticks is that they lend themselves well to being kept as pets and are frequently on display at zoos and other nature centers. The first time I saw one was at a nature center in Maryland, and I was mesmerized by how interesting they are. Very easily mistaken for being a twig, it’s not hard to see how many of us have never seen one.

Recently I enrolled in a Macro photography club being offered by Mike Moats which offers monthly video tutorials and a Facebook page where you can share your images. I wanted to learn more about how he does what he does as Macro photography does fascinate me.

I also have several friends that love to photograph bugs. They slowly walk about gardens with their macro lens and flash units in search of funky bugs. Previously only butterflies interested in me, but macro insect photography sounds like a nice diversion. I recently saw someone post an image of a Stick Bug, and of course I thought “ would be so awesome if I could find one.” I’ve never seen one in the wild.

Ironically I had recently purchased a butterfly net and Butterfly habitat from Amazon. As if I didn’t already have enough to entertain me with, catching bugs and putting them in a habitat sounded like fun. Organizing things around my house today, I was going in and out of my garage door. I looked down and went…naw…can’t be…a stick bug ! Yep, sure enough it is !

It took me a moment to run in and grab my butterfly net and habitat and before you can say stick, the bug was caught. I threw in a few leafy branches for him to hang out on and headed out for the day.

There are actually websites that share how to care for Walking sticks and what they like to eat. Luckily I have several plants in my garden which will bring him plenty to dine on.

I spent a little time this afternoon working with my new friend and he is such a cooperative model. Posing beautiful on a few things I brought home for him to sit on. I can’t wait to keep playing with him and see what type of glamour shots I can get.

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  1. I am mesmerized with the praying manti in my back yard every year. They pose for me and my iPhone — need to think about getting more serious with them and looking out for the stick bug–how cool!

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