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Keeping an Eye on You

A charming juvenile Common Tern waits patiently among the grass. Laying on the soft sand on Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New York, I waited patiently with him. Attending a wonderful three-day photography workshop with Denise Ippolito, she encouraged me to think simple, think bright, and think low. The […]

American Oystercatcher

Learning how to get down and dirty with the American Oystercatchers on Nickerson Beach. With the expert coaching of Denise Ippolito, the navy seal crawl is crucial for an amazing perspective such as this one. Now back out for another sandy session.

Common Terns at Nickerson Beach

Sometimes in the least likely of places can be found large colonies of shore birds. Such is Nickerson Beach on Long Island, New York. Known for its nesting shorebirds including Common terns, Black skimmers, Oystercatchers, and Least terns, it’s a haven for not only birds but also bird […]