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Pelicans on the Chesapeake Bay

Growing up in Florida with Brown pelicans all over the place, it’s hard to imagine that this Jurassic looking bird was once an endangered species. Due to over hunting and DDT pesticides by 1970 the Brown pelican was listed endangered by the Endangered Species Act and conservation efforts […]

Trumpeter Swans

The Trumpeter swan is the largest native waterfowl species in North America with wing spans of over six-feet and weighing more than 25 pounds. One of North America’s heaviest flying birds the Trumpeter swan need a 100-foot runway to lift off from waterways Beginning in the 1700’s and […]

Flamingos in Bolivia

Tall and elegant but yet gawky are the Pink flamingos, and finding them living at altitudes above 12,000 feet is something that you would least expect. In my travels, I’ve had the great fortune to enjoy them at Lake Manyara in Tanzania, and on the Galapagos Islands but […]

Down on the Farm

There’s a farm down on the river. A farm that few people know about. This historical land situated on the beautiful Potomac River across from Mount Vernon, home of George Washington himself. The National Colonial Farm at Piscataway National Park is located on 200 acres and has a […]

La Mariposa Monarch

Monarch butterflies are one of those magical spirits that float in the air. With their delicate nature, they endure a grueling round-trip migration route of upwards to 3,000 miles from the Eastern North America to the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. Mexico is where they are found in […]

Hoot are You?

There are wonderful people out in the world that share their great love and care for injured wildlife. Liz Owen of Raptors Eye is one of those kind and generous people. A registered nurse who has over the years taken care of countless injured birds and animals. Holding […]